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How ARS Manages Communicable Diseases

Updated: Apr 13

In the event of an outbreak of a communicable disease, ARS ensures the safety and well-being of employees, patients, visitors, and the community, as well as prevents the further spread of the disease.


ARS Staff monitors for signs of unusual illness patterns among employees, patients, visitors, or the community. The Program Manager will monitor and collaborate with public health authorities to identify and confirm the presence of a communicable disease outbreak.


The Director of Operations will activate a multidisciplinary response team that includes the HR Coordinator, the Program Manager of each facility effected by an outbreak, and the Director of Facilities and Development to create a specific action plan depending on the nature of the outbreak. The Director of Operations is also responsible for communicating accurate and consistent information to employees, patients, visitors, and relevant stakeholders. The Director of Operations will collaborate with public health agencies and follow their guidance on managing the outbreak.


The Program Manager of each facility will identify and isolate affected individuals as per public health recommendations. They will implement quarantine measures for patient/residents who have been exposed to the disease.


Employees who test positive for the disease will remain off the premises until the time prescribed by local public health officials. Staff will monitor infected patients and provide appropriate care within their scope of practice as required. Staff will transport infected patients to the hospital or call 911 when symptoms advance beyond the available staff’s scope of practice.


The Program Manger will collaborate with the Director of Operations to ensure appropriate management and support. Supervisors will monitor the health of employees who may have been exposed to the disease and provide guidance on self-monitoring. Supervisors will advise employees to report any symptoms promptly.


The Program Manger will see to the enhancement of hygiene practices, including frequent hand-washing, disinfection of surfaces, and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Employees receive annual training on proper hygiene and infection control measures. When possible, the Program Manager will implement remote work arrangements and staggered shifts where feasible to reduce physical contact. Supervisors will enforce social distancing measures and masking within the workplace when advised by local public health officials.


The Director of Operations will provide regular updates to employees, patients, visitors, and stakeholders about the outbreak, preventive measures, and any changes to operations.


The Program Manager will draft an incident report following an outbreak and submit it to DHCS and appropriate contract payer sources.


The Director of Operations will collaborate with local public health officials to determine when it is safe to resume normal operations. The Director of Operations will also conduct a thorough review of the outbreak response to identify strengths and areas for improvement and document findings to be presented to ARS leadership acting in its capacity as that Continuous Improvement Committee.


The Program Manager Ensure a smooth transition back to normal operations and monitor the health of employees.

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