Substance Abuse Treatment & Rehabilitation Programs Since 1995

Founded in 1995, Archway Recovery Services has helped many on the journey to recovery. Incorporated in 2002, Archway has expanded its recovery services with residential, outpatient, sober living facilities, and partnered with a network of over 20 support agencies.

Our Board

Archway’s board of directors is a diverse group of community leaders and former clients, each bringing a unique experience and personal investment in the healing work of recovery.

Our Mission

Archway believes that all people deserve to be well and live with dignity. We meet people where they are and help them step forward strong—out of addiction and into a life of joy, purpose and healthy relationships with others.

Our Standards

Archway has more than 25 years of experience treating alcohol and other drug abuse disorders. We use the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria to assess clients and develop treatment plans. Our staff receives regular training and peer-reviewed research that contributes to evidenced-based best practices to provide effective, results-oriented care.


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Kevin Phillips


Mr. Phillips has supported hundreds of families in crisis, with years of experience in family counseling, organizational leadership and as an ordained Episcopal priest. His perspective is grounded in both attachment theory and the neurobiology of addiction, with a focus on how early childhood experiences inform one’s emotional framework and relationships later in life.

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Dr. Youssef Elmanawy


Dr. Elmanawy is an experienced psychologist in the fields of criminal justice, mental and behavioral health and human services. Prior to joining Archway, he was the Program Director for the Drug Medi-Cal facility at Napa State Hospital. Dr. Elmanawy has also worked at California State Prison Solano and the World Health Organization.

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Wanda Cook


Ms. Cook’s experience, competence and commitment to service anchors the Archway team. Previously, she was the Executive Director of the largest child & youth development performing arts organization in Solano County.

Love, Dignity & Respect

Step Forward Strong

Supportive Friend


“Not only has Archway proven that it truly understands the disease of addiction, its staff members include educated addiction counselors who are diverse, empathetic and supportive of our clientele. Parole Reentry Court participants who have attended Archway’s residential treatment program have been 90% successful in their recovery.”
— KAREN A. SHEEHY Parole Reentry Case Court Case Manager, Superior Court of California, Solano County