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What You Need to Know

Residential Treatment

A residential addiction treatment program creates an environment where healing can begin. Some treatment programs exist in institutional settings. They look and feel like hospitals.


Others exist in luxurious settings. They look and feel like you are going on vacation.


Some may find a hospital setting builds their confidence in the competence of the program. Others are looking for a little pampering as they work on their recovery.

Our residential setting is in a home. You may feel uncomfortable in a hospital setting. Frankly, after the financial devastation that follows addiction, most people can't afford the cost of luxury.

Our goal is to equip you for success in recovery. You need a clean, healthful environment to heal. This is what we provice.

Intensive Outpatient Program 

The space needs to project the personal dignity of clients without creating an unrealistic and unsustainable environment for long-term recovery.

Our kitchen in healthful and clean. We serve family-style meals in a spirit of love and encouragement. Our living room is comfortable and serene.

Our group room is spacious and open. This is flexible space we can use to listen to one another, play games, or just stretch and feel our lives returning as the addiction begins to fade away.

Our backyard patio includes well-maintained landscaping to provide a peaceful place to gather and enjoy the out-of-doors.

Our bedrooms are neat and clean.  Our Detox rooms are double occupancy. Our residential treatment rooms have space for three, although most often there are two in reach room.

We provide a secure environment where you can enjoy the inviting, clean, and comfortable ambiance of a healing home. As you enjoy the comfort of home, we teach you how take care of your living space. When you take care of your home, your home will take care of you.

Our Director

Julie Lake founded Archway Recovery Services, Inc. in 1996 in response to the alcohol and drug epidemic sweeping our communities. She believes Addiction treatment is the essential first step to restoring a happy, healthy life.

Julie's deep compassion comes from her personal experience with addiction and recovery, and the work she has done with over 2000 men she has helped through Archway. She experienced the disease in her own family and has seen the relentless destruction of drugs and alcohol.

Julie founded Archway in order to do something about it.

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Certified Addiction Counselors

Everyone of our staff s either a Certified Addiction Counselor or is in training toward certification. Archway employees are dedicated to the recovery of every person who walks through our door. We are relentless in terms of helping each individual find the recovery and the new life they deserve.

We all have need for recovery. The challenge of life takes its toll. We will find relief one way or another. We will either find comfort in one another, or we will find comfort in alcohol and/or other drugs.

Healthy relationships are deeply important for healing. As we practice healthy relationships, we create a healing community that serves the needs of all who are a part of the Archway family.

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