About Us

Under Julie Lake's leadership, we have helped thousands of people begin their journey of recovery. Addiction treatment is the essential first step to restoring a happy, healthy life. Our deep compassion comes from our personal experience with addiction in our own families. Our understanding comes from evidence-based best practices learned through both study and over 25 years of clinical experience.


We have seen and continue to see the devastating effect of drugs and alcohol in our community.  


Everyone who walks through the front door feels our genuine love and respect. For us, addiction defines no one. Recovery is available to everyone.

Our Founder

Our Executive Director

Kevin Phillips came to Archway in the Spring of 2014 to support its development during a time of transition. Previously he served as the Director of Development for an addiction treatment program in Sacramento. Hew has been supporting people in recovery for over 30 years. 

His book, The Root Values: Releasing the Power of Community introduces five values that help people to flourish in relationships with others. His relational competency model helps couples, families, and organizations overcome relational challenges that contribute to an addictive process. In The Juggler and the Ringmaster, Mr. Phillips portrays the power that is unleashed when people learn to listen to one another with dignity and respect without denial, defensiveness, or a compulsion to control. 

His experience in addiction treatment confirms that healing comes when individuals are enabled to value themselves and others in relationships of mutual trust. 

Our Clinical Director

Youssef Elamanowy, Ph.D. comes to us most recently from serving as the Program Director for the Drug Medical Facility at Napa State Hospital. He began his career in 1990 as a counselor in a dual diagnosis treatment program in Philadelphia.


After working in a number of treatment settings, he founded Generations Community Service where he developed in-home mentoring and counseling services that included Anger Management groups for at-risk teens and their families, and substance abuse counseling and education. He and his team worked closely with the Department of Juvenile Justice and the school system to develop individual education plans for students with emotional issues.

His certifications include Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Advanced Relapse Prevention Specialist, and International Licensed Addiction and Drug Counselor. 

Our Director of Residential Services

Steven Cowley has served as Chairman of the Board of Archway for over 25 years. He joined the staff as Director of Residential Services in recognition of the ever-growing need for addiction treatment in Solano County.

In addition to his experience on the Board of Directors, he brings over 30 years of experience as a construction contractor. He is responsible for assuring our treatment facilities, as well as our sober living homes, are maintained to his highest standard. 

Our goal is to create a safe, healthful environment conducive to healing and to honor the dignity of every person who enters one of our facilities. His team of house managers understands the importance of treating each one of our clients with residents and respect at all times. The quality of our relationships enhances the quality of our recovery. 

Our Medical Director

Christina Kinnevey, M. D. after graduating from the School of Medicine at UC Davis, Dr. Kinnevey completed here residency Sutter Health Family Medicine. She oversees our addiction medicine department serving both our clients in residential treatment as well as those in our intensive outpatient program.

After completing her training she received the Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education. She was one of twelve recipients from across the United States. She also received the best project award in  the Philanthropic and Mission-Driven track.

Dr. Kinnevey is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the California Medical Association, and the American Academy of Family Physicians. 


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