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Three Pillars: Stable Family -- Stable Housing -- Stable Employment

We experience great success with the people who come to us for treatment. Our success is tied, of course, to the respect we have for the people we serve. We respect the dignity of every human being. This is a necessary component of successful treatment. But it is not enough.

Add to this a clinical team that is committed to the success of the people they serve. Our clinical team undergoes consistent and ongoing training. Our counselors receive regular clinical supervision. They work on developing their counseling skills every day. But this is not enough.

Add to this a supportive team of administrators and facilities maintenance staff who work to keep the lights on, keep facilities functioning, and get the bills paid, and makes sure that we are compliant with all our statutory obligations. But this is not enough.

All of these are important elements of a good treatment program. The matter. They are necessary but they are not sufficient to help the people we serve secure long-term recovery for their lives.

We identify “three pillars” that support the long-term recovery for people who struggle with Substance Use Disorder. We create programs, activities, and experiences to promote these three pillars in the lives of the people we serve.

1. Stable Family. A stable family provides a fundamental source of support and encouragement in a person’s life. Family may be represented by one’s biological family of origin. It may also consist of a voluntary association of people who through bonds of affection and mutual support serve as a reliable and sustaining relational foundation. Our program teaches community living skills that helps the people we serve establish a stable family in support of their recovery.

2. Stable Housing. A stable home allows a person to extend their field of vision beyond the immediate needs of today. When a person knows they will be warm, dry, and well-fed tonight and for the foreseeable future, they experience a reduction in levels of stress, anxiety, and fear. Our program helps the people we serve secure long-term stable housing in support of their recovery.

3. Stable Employment. Stable employment assures a sustained and sustaining source of income. Our program teaches basic employment skills that enable the people we serve to begin to build a more hopeful financial future for their lives.

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