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Updated: Mar 19

The Executive Director recently received the following note. It had been placed in our Grievance Box. Note: Every ARS facility has a Grievance Box with available Grievance Forms our patients may submit when they have a concern about the program.

The patient had crossed out "Grievance From". In its place he had written "Gratitude Form." Instead of submitting a grievance, he submitted a "Gratitude".

First and foremost, I would like to thank Archway for providing me an environment to help me with my recovery. I would like to particularly point out the individual that has impacted my life greatly.


Miss Donna’s support and guidance has provided the tools to become the man I am supposed to be. She is devoted to her craft. Her dedication, compassion, and love provide an environment to help all to achieve our goal of sobriety. Her disciplined (fair but stern) approach allows the house clients to take accountability for their actions, which provides them to steppingstones to become better men. Her love is unconditional, and everyone is better off for allowing her in their lives.


She is a blessing.


I would also like to express my gratitude to the staff of the LRT (ARS Long-Term Residential Treatment facility). The support and help they provide is appreciated. The patience they show is remarkable considering the high demand they get at times. This team provides a stellar support team for Ms. Donna with no concern for accolades.


My thanks go to all involved, and I won’t forget how you made a difference in my life.

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