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Archway receives CITED PATH Grant Award: $213,000

We are pleased to report that we have received a grant in the amount of a little over $213,000 to support our work in Solano County through our Enhanced Care Management program. We have been working on this project for the past year. Grant funding we have received allows us to build our capacity to serve the most challenged people in our community.

The following press release was distributed today announcing the grant to many organizations like ours.

"The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is investing $144 million in 145 Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports organizations and providers across the state as part of the Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH) Capacity and Infrastructure, Transition, Expansion, and Development (CITED) initiative. This investment and work will help create a more coordinated, person-centered, and equitable Medi-Cal system for millions of Californians.

“'These investments will advance the goals of the broader Medi-Cal transformation by building the capacity and infrastructure of providers working to improve health outcomes for Medi-Cal members,' said DHCS Director Michelle Baass.

"WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: ECM and Community Supports serve the highest-need Medi-Cal managed care members and are anchored in the community, where services can be delivered in person by community-based organizations (CBO) and providers. 'These investments will further our goals to integrate our delivery system with CBOs and providers that understand the health care and health-related social needs of our Medi-Cal members,' said Susan Philip, Deputy Director for DHCS’ Health Care Delivery Systems. 'We know these organizations are critical partners in providing whole person care and building a more equitable delivery system.'

"HOW TODAY’S ACTION SUPPORTS CALIFORNIANS: Today’s investments will be used to support ECM and Community Supports services through investments in provider workforce, infrastructure and IT systems, and capacity building. ECM and Community Supports are foundational components of the transformation of Medi-Cal focused on:

  • Breaking down the traditional walls of health care, extending beyond hospitals and health care settings into communities.

  • Introducing a better way to coordinate care.

  • Providing high-need members with in-person care management where they live.

"Examples of capacity building efforts that entities will undertake include:

  • Capacity and infrastructure building for ECM, partnering with street medicine, to outreach and engage with children and youth who are justice involved, transitioning from juvenile detention facilities, or are experiencing homelessness.

  • Development of ECM and Community Support services capacity, including nursing home transitions and medically supportive foods/medically tailored meals for a CBO serving tribal populations.

"ABOUT TODAY’S INVESTMENT: The awards to 145 organizations will be made through PATH CITED initiative Round 2 funding. The PATH CITED initiative provides funding to enable the transition, expansion, and development of ECM and Community Supports capacity and infrastructure. Today’s awardees are committed to serving historically under-resourced and underserved populations."

We are pleased to continue out partnership with the State of California in our efforts to tackle the toughest challenges in our community.

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